Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Systems thinking, Passion, and Clear communication

There are three traits that will serve anyone wanting any role at any company: systems thinking, passion, and clear communication.

Systems thinking is a way of looking at the world that allows you to see how many small pieces come together to make a more complex whole. System thinkers see the hidden interconnections that bind together the parts and know how to make the best use of ambiguity and uncertainty as a result.

Passion isn't just about liking what you do. It's also about focus, determination, and obsessing over quality. Yes, you want a job, but do you want a mission? Having this sort of enthusiasm is essential because it will get you through difficult challenges more than almost any other trait.

Clear communication brings everything together. If systems thinking is about the higher-level patterns, and passion is about the details, then clear communication is the means by which the first two traits come into alignment. You need to be a clear communicator as an individual contributor, an executive, and everything in between.

(Gary Flake)

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